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Restaurant Exhaust Hood Cleaning, Power Washing, and Antimicrobial Cleaning

Hawaii Pro Exhaust and Wash provides the most thorough certified exhaust hood cleaning Honolulu offers. We’re a top-rated commercial and residential kitchen exhaust cleaning company that is driven by customer satisfaction.  In addition, we also offer first class power washing and antimicrobial commercial cleaning services. If you’re a homeowner, we can help with the best residential power washing.

Hiring us is a refreshing experience because we are known as the Oahu hood cleaning service that’s better than the others. We have the most thorough power washing in Honolulu and offer commercial antimicrobial cleaning. Not many restaurant exhaust hood cleaners can match the quality of our work.

Professional cleaner power washing a commercial kitchen exhaust hood using an antimicrobial solution in Hawaii. Oahu restaurant exhaust hood cleaning Honolulu. Exhaust hood cleaning service in Oahu.

Our Services

  • Restaurant Exhaust Hood Cleaning

    We provide NFPA certified exhaust hood cleaning on Oahu. Kitchen exhaust hood cleaning prevents fires. You’ll be impressed with the quality of our work.

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  • Power Washing /
    Pressure Washing

    We’re an Oahu pressure washing service for commercial and residential needs.We use the best power washing equipment available.

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  • Antimicrobial Disinfecting Including Coronavirus

    Safe and effective disinfecting service to kill viruses and bacteria, including the coronavirus; electrostatic methods

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Why are we Honolulu’s Best Exhaust Hood Cleaning Service?

At Hawaii Pro Exhaust and Wash, we deep clean your restaurant kitchen affordably. If you’ve been checking around for exhaust hood cleaning prices on Oahu, let us give you a free, no-obligation estimate. We have the low prices on hood cleaning Honolulu expects.

  • We Include Rooftop Equipment

    Our exhaust hood cleaning has added services. For example, we always clean rooftop grease containment units that our competitors overlook. You don’t need a separate contractor to replace or clean oil-absorbing filters and dispose of the old ones with us. We’ll take care of it for you, so you need only a single contractor for all your hood cleaning.

  • Exhaust Fan Hinge Kit Installation

    Our high-quality service helps you save money on hood cleaning. We install hinge kits to allow for quicker and less expensive servicing. When you don’t need to take the fan apart, it cuts cleaning-time costs and helps prevent damage. Keeping your kitchen fan unit intact while it is cleaned reduces wear and tear.

  • Exhaust Fan Belt Replacement

    When we clean restaurant hoods, we inspect all mechanical systems. We replace hood fan belts as needed. We’ll troubleshoot in advance so you avoid a breakdown during busy periods. It’s the difference between average and outstanding exhaust fan cleaning service.

  • Access Panel Installation

    Our goal is to work efficiently and cost-effectively, which is why we install exhaust hood access panels. They allow us quicker access to interior parts and reduce time charges for disassembly and reassembly. We keep hood cleaning costs low. And provide outstanding service.

  • Baffle Filter Replacement

    Proper maintenance like on-time baffle filter replacement keeps fans running well and avoids fires. When filters are dirty, there is a fire risk, and your first line of defense is compromised. Hawaii Pro Exhaust and Wash replaces baffle filters of all sizes and types.

  • Kitchen Ceiling Tile Cleaning

    We clean commercial kitchens from floor to ceiling, including kitchen ceiling tile cleaning. It’s less expensive to have your ceiling tiles cleaned than replacing them, and we’ll do it during off-hours to avoid disrupting restaurant operations.

Oahu Hood Cleaning Services

Oahu hood cleaning expert cleaning a restaurant exhaust hood.

Restaurants and homes alike depend heavily on their kitchens. Smoke, steam, and fumes can leave residue in the air that usually must clean. While, in the absence of routine cleaning, this residue builds up over time. Therefore, this is where our Oahu Restaurant Exhaust Cleaning Services can help.

Since we provide local handyman services to businesses, we go the extra mile to make them more comfortable. Therefore, you won’t have to hire different contractors to deal with varying cleaning projects when our Honolulu Exhaust Hood Cleaning professionals can take care of them. Our cleaning and washing services are specialized. However, our experienced staff can also provide other services such as commercial cleaning, kitchen hood cleaning and more.

Thus, we can clean every Oahu restaurant hood, exhaust, and roof fan assembly. For whatever cleaning service you may need, we are the best choice.

Benefits of Exhaust Hood Cleaning

Fire code compliance

Commercial kitchens are at risk for fires. Companies that clean hoods professionally know fire codes. A clean system ensures everything is in order and adheres to regulations.

Save Time

Restaurant owners often find that cleaning hoods waste time and a lengthy process. It can become a messy and time-consuming task, which can be challenging. An investment in commercial cleaning services could increase efficiency and save you money.

Deep Clean

Hawaii kitchen cleaners will deep clean your hood, including even the most intricate exhaust systems. You can count on them to clean your entire kitchen thoroughly and remove all the grease, dirt, and grime.

Prevent Damage

Exhaust cleaning by amateurs may result in costly repairs. Furthermore, a damaged hood may be harmful to employees. Cleaning companies specializing in hoods know how to take apart, clean, and reassemble your kitchen exhaust system, so no parts get damaged.

Why are We Honolulu’s Best Restaurant Hood Cleaning Service?

Your kitchen does not only provide delicious meals. Unfortunately, it also carries many risks. Even a kitchen vent hood that is build up with grease and particles inside can be very dangerous. However, this is where a certified and professional Exhaust Hood Cleaning Honolulu team could easily avoid many of these risks with regular maintenance.

Some Exhaust Hood Cleaning Best Practices

The dangers associated with cooking in kitchens include caked-on grease, blocked exhaust, and clogged exhaust vents. Fortunately, regular maintenance and cleaning make maintaining a proper system a breeze. You can find an easy solution for everything from restaurant exhaust cleaning to Hawaii kitchen.

Here are a few tips and recommendations from Oahu Hood Cleaning Services:

  1. The Grease Buildup Inspection Schedule (NFPA 96 – Table 11.4) is used to schedule inspections.
  2. Filters should replace as needed.
  3. cleaning of vents, ducts, and hoods

It’s essential to maintain your system so that grease does not heavily contaminate the surfaces. Keep your kitchens running smoothly and save money by conducting regular preventative maintenance? We at Pressure Honolulu provide care and installation of access panels as well as fan hinge retro-fitting.

Oahu exhaust hood cleaning being performed in Honolulu. Kitchen exhaust hood cleaning services are provided by professional companies to perform the maintenance required in Hawaii.

Oahu Restaurant Hood Cleaning

Hood exhaust systems are one of the services provided by Oahu Exhaust Hood Cleaning Services in Honolulu, Hawaii. Service provided by us includes grease removal from kitchen exhaust hoods. Our team’s success depends on keeping your commercial kitchen exhaust system clean so that it performs at its best. As an eco-friendly company, all our methods and chemicals are certified by the NFPA.

Our Oahu Restaurant Hood Cleaning Services provides the best hood, exhaust, and equipment cleaning rates. Following this, we value your safety and that of your clients. With us, you can rest assured that not only will your security be an issue, but your business will continue to flow generally during the off-hours of your restaurant.

So, if you need proper Oahu Restaurant hood cleaning, dial our hood cleaning in Hawaii.

We Are a Professional Kitchen Hood Cleaning Company

Commercial kitchen operation requires a great deal of energy and time. A significant part of our job is to keep your kitchen free from grease hazards. For more concern with NFPA regulations, your kitchen system needs to clean thoroughly. Our regular cleanings guarantee that your kitchen hoods are grease-free.

Many clients from everywhere on Oahu rely on our certified technicians. No subcontractors use by us, which differentiates us from other hood cleaners. The technicians at our company are highly experienced, and we only use environmentally safe, green cleaning products. For your assurance, we have before and after pictures of our services. As part of our strategy to differentiate ourselves from the competition, this is one more way.

NFPA Certified Exhaust Hood Cleaning in Your Commercial Kitchen & Restaurant

Simply because of our extensive experience, we have inspected thousands of grease ducts across the entire country. The Kitchen operators typically requested these inspections. Unfortunately, we often face the following frightening situations during these inspections: Although the hoods and filters appear bright and clean at ground level, the pipes leading up to the roof fans are so badly soils that they lose much of their airspace. Grease fires result from this airflow issue and present even more problems.

There may not be the severity of this level in every restaurant, but we often see hood flues covered with grease due to substantial neglect. Management believed that these areas were regularly clean while they were not. Since the inside of the ducts is out of sight, uncertified vendors can easily take shortcuts by failing to remove grease throughout the roof fans and vents. Fortunately, we can assist restaurant owners and kitchen managers by providing them with reliable cleaning kitchen services.

Why Choose Us for Oahu Exhaust Cleaning Services?

With dozens of reasons why Oahu Exhaust Hood Cleaning Services sets us apart from other companies, you can trust us to care for your cleaning needs. As a team, we have an intelligent cleaning system, and we use eco-friendly products. Besides our innovative team and strict hygiene policy, we take the time to meet our clients’ individual needs.

  • Trust

    We do not want to provide just odd jobs; instead, we want our staff to have serious careers that will last a lifetime. Therefore, we hire only reliable staff and guide them through every step of the way. That's how we have assembled a team of capable and reliable cleaners.

  • Technology

    Food truck kitchen cleaning, including its exhaust fan system, is essential. Not many people clean food trucks with our level of expertise and experience. When we power wash your truck exterior as the finale, you’ll be amazed by the improvement we will make.

  • Quality

    Whenever you find that the service you received is not up to your standards compared to the list and job sheet information, all you need to do is click a photo of the issue and send it to us. We will have it cleaned onsite free of charge.

  • Purity

    By adhering to our non-toxic policy, we are committed to enhancing both your restaurant's appearance and the environment. You can drastically lower the level of pollutants in your restaurant by using our advanced cleaning service, which has excellent benefits that outweigh traditional cleaning.

  • Hygiene

    Each day, we will use fresh and hermetically cleaned cloths and mop heads to avoid cross-contamination between clients' restaurants.

  • Consistency

    As a consistent service provider, we guarantee the same day of cleaning every time and deliver services based on the details provided on your individualized job sheet.

We Clean All Commercial Kitchens Regardless of Size or Type

If it’s a commercial kitchen, we clean it. No job is too large, small, or complicated. We’ll help you meet kitchen cleaning safety standards and keep your restaurant running smoothly. Our people are the best trained and most thorough in the islands.

  • Restaurants

    Our hood and restaurant cleaning service are the best on Oahu. We provide unmatched attention to detail and make sure you meet all safety standards. Our service includes exhaust fans and all appliances. Because we work efficiently, we can clean more elements for less money.

  • Food Trucks

    Food truck kitchen cleaning, including its exhaust fan system, is essential. Not many people clean food trucks with our level of expertise and experience. When we power wash your truck exterior as the finale, you’ll be amazed by the improvement we will make.

  • Hotels

    We deep clean hotel kitchens and clean exhaust hoods and fan components. In commercial kitchens serving breakfast, lunch, and dinner, grease and grime build up faster because of heavy use. Our experienced team cleans quickly at the best rates in town.

  • Government Facilities & Airports

    We’ve cleaned kitchens at airports, government buildings of all types and can work in correctional facilities. We’ll leave your facilities spotless and ready to be inspected against any sanitation standards. Best of all, our low rates will fit when budgets are tight.

  • Schools & Universities

    The cafeteria and institutional kitchens at schools and universities need to be as clean as any commercial kitchen. Our technicians have the experience and training to deep clean, sanitize, and disinfect. We can also power any areas that need extra strong methods.

  • Hospitals & Nursing Homes

    Hospital and nursing home food services serve at-risk populations and need the cleanest kitchens at all times. It’s why hiring a contractor like Hawaii Pro Exhaust and Wash matters so much. We clean nursing home and hospital kitchens more quickly and effectively than anyone else.

Schedule a Hood or Kitchen Cleaning Appointment Anytime

Call us for an estimate when you’re ready to step up to Honolulu’s best exhaust hood and restaurant cleaning service for the same price (or less) than you’re paying for comparable service now.

Client Reviews

Keith Hall

I’ve worked with Halo Restoration Services for many years. Their work is always excellent and on time. The level of customer service they provide is some of the best that I’ve experienced in any industry. I would highly recommend Halo to any restaurant operator or anyone else in need of commercial cleaning service.